Top 5 Best Affordable Gaming Laptops of 2017

Who doesn’t like to play games by sitting ideally on the sundays? Well, if you ask me I would take that over all my other plans. Gaming is the thing which everybody loves. When we see someone playing games, it encourages us too to play that game. Gaming makes us forget the problems and kinda refreshes our mind. So, here I am presenting 5 best gaming laptops with affordable prices which you can buy for yourself and enjoy gaming in your leisure.

#1 Acer E15 E5-774G-52W1 Gaming Laptop

Acer E15 laptop

Acer is the one of the best computers making company and this laptop is the best affordable gaming laptop in this list. This laptop will cost you 589.00 USD and for that amount you will get a very good laptop which can run new games without any lag. This laptop has new 7th gen intel i5 processor and it has 8GB of RAM which is very quick and for gaming graphics card is very necessary. So this laptop also provides dedicated graphics output from nvidia geforce 940mx graphics. This laptop don’t have enough storage space but for moderate budget, this laptop can be called as best budget gaming laptop.

#2 Acer Aspire VX5-591G-5652 Gaming Laptop


Here is second contender in this gaming laptop list which is also from Acer. It is more high performance laptop than previous laptop in this list. This gaming laptop has the design which gives others a professional gaming laptop’s look. It has powerful i5 processor which is quad core and it has 8GB of RAM to play games smoothly. It also has USB Type-C port which is fastest and most trending right now in the market. For lag free gaming this gaming laptop has GTX 1050 graphics. The best thing is you can also upgrade RAM of this laptop so if you decide to make this laptop more powerful by upgrading RAM then you can do that with this laptop. This laptop is hot selling laptop in the market and it was recommended by lot of big laptop blogs like, and also in their budget gaming laptops top choices. So a very good choice and not only me, this laptop is recommended as best affordable gaming laptop by most of the good laptop sites on internet.

#3 MSI GL62M 7RD-265 Gaming Laptop

MSI GL62M 73D-265 15 Inch Gaming Laptop

MSI is the most favorite brand of the professional gamers. MSI also has very good reputation in gaming laptop making companies. This GL62M gaming laptop from MSI is the most powerful and affordable gaming laptop which you can buy today. It is 15 inch laptop with very good display and it also has webcam on top. This laptop’s keyboard is not that good but it will let you play games with great experience. The hardware of this laptop makes it a true gaming laptop. With affordable price tag this gaming laptop comes with very powerful i5 processor and 8GB of RAM. This laptop also has 1TB of hard drive for saving all the games and other stuff. If you ask me then this would be my top choice of affordable gaming laptop right now because it has powerful GTX 960M graphics card inside which can run latest games without any problems.

#4 Dell Inspiron i5577-5328BLK 15 Inch Gaming Laptop

Dell Inspiron i5577 Gaming Laptop

Dell is the most trusted brand in the computers and laptops. Its inspiron laptops are very good and it gives good ovalue for the money. I mean they are not overpriced like few other laptops. This laptop has quad core i5 processor which is of 7th generation. It is a very powerful CPU and because it has 4 cores it will run all games very smoothly. You can also upgrade this laptop because this laptop is made in a way that its motherboard is easily openable and accessible. Playing new games on this laptop will be a very good experience because it has very good speakers and its screen is also nice. The graphics card on this laptop is also newly launched from nvidia. It has gtx 1050 graphics which are very powerful and for $788 this laptop is also very good and affordable gaming laptop of 2017.

#5 ASUS ZX53VW 15.6″ Gaming Laptop

ASUS ZX53VW Gaming Laptop

If you dont know then Asus is also a very reputed company among the gamers. It has Republic of Gamers ROG series of laptops which are very powerful and they are made for pro-gamers. This laptop also has a very similar design to those laptops. It has black and red color all around the laptop and its keyboard is the best one from all laptops in the list. It also provides USB Type-C port which will give you very fast data moving speed. This laptop also has quad core i5-7300HQ processor and 8GB of RAM which is as same as other affordable gaming laptops but graphics card on this laptop is very powerful. This laptop has nvidia geforce gtx 960m graphics. You will be able to play all new games on this laptop. 512GB SSD is also very nice for performance of the laptop.

A Video Guide to Buy Affordable Gaming Laptop

Wrapping it up

I know there are many other gaming laptop which I did not include in this list. But I made this list of affordable gaming laptops of 2017 to be of best ones. What do you think about these laptop and also let me know of any other gaming laptops that you like in comments.

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Thank you for reading. Have a nice day ahead.

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